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Life: Life is much bigger than physics. As such, it deserves the interest, merits investigation and requires the engagement of all of us.

Theology: If philosophy is the standard yet pedestrian path to investigating the meaning of Life, Theology is an intelligent short cut. Nevertheless, one has to be careful with short cuts as without enlightened guidance more often than not they lead to dead ends.

Mathematics: Despite being incomplete by construction, Mathematics represent the idealistic, romantic and hence the most beautiful approach to investigating Nature.

Politics: Politics is the most straightforward way of engaging Life, hence it can be fun, useful and self-fulfilling.


Astrophysics – Cosmology:  There is a fundamental difference between experimental and observational sciences. The latter are certainly fun, but like a movie you watch or a book you read you cannot put the protagonists to the real test (i.e. can I ask what would have happened if Ulysses decided to stay forever with Calypso? Would νόστος be stronger than earthly immortality and a happy life?)

Bio sciences: Biosciences represent collectively the most useful and rewarding subset of applied chemistry, nevertheless it is hard to imagine that they teach us anything fundamental about the Meaning of Life, …but who knows….

Political correctness: Every opinion matters, as long as the person who expresses it is willing to listen, discuss and perhaps accept all other opinions.


Fundamentalism is the manifestation in our society of the physical situation of immobility. Immobility is connected to the absence of degrees of freedom and the inability of systems to change. This is very much related to the thermal death of maximally entropic systems. Life is the opposite of death, it is the expression of motion, it is the possibility of a system to change because it can! All kinds of fundamentalism are against Life..